Translations are available in all major languages, and provided by only native target language speakers, not computer translations. Memory tools are only used to facilitate the management of our linguist’s translated words and phrases.  Languages R Us linguists are not only fluent in the target languages they are translating but also have extensive expertise in the legal, medical, financial, technical, and business fields.

The combination of fluency in the target language and the experience in these fields ensures that legal phrases, medical phrases, technical expressions, industry terminology, and national standards will be accurately reproduced.  The goal of our translations is to reproduce a document that would seem to a native speaker and reader as if the document was originally written in the target language.

Languages R Us translates electronic and paper documents including, but not limited to:

  • Legal documents (birth cert., marriage cert., transcripts, diplomas, divorce decrees, etc.)
  • Business contracts
  • Patents
  • Correspondence
  • Medical records
  • Marketing brochures
  • Government documents
  • Technical manuals
  • Educational materials
  • Software-related documentation
  • School Correspondence Translation
  • SIU translations

LRU builds a customized team of linguists experienced not only in the target language but the specific fields of the client’s project to ensure the most accurate translations.  We work closely with clients to ensure that the translation is done in accordance with your preferred timeline and to guarantee that the final product has the correct industry terminology and communicates the original content from the source document. 

All legal documents, if requested, are completed with a Certificate of Accuracy and notarized. The federal government, foreign governments, consulates, state, and municipal governments all approve LRU translations; all LRU documents can be certified for acceptance by any court or government agency in the United States and abroad