Languages R Us Inc. specializes in investigative, legal, medical, education, and business interpreting assignments. We provide state certified or qualified consecutive and simultaneous interpreters to clients in every field.


 ∙ Depositions

∙ Arbitrations

∙ Hearings/Trials

∙ Examinations Under Oath (EUO’s)

∙ Legal Aid at Correctional Facilities




∙ Independent Medical Exams (IME’s)

∙ Qualified/Agreed Medical Exams 

∙ Hospital Patient Services



∙ Special investigations unit (SIU) -witness statements

∙ Insurance fraud

∙ Injury claims

∙ Same day response for accident related interviews

∙ Medicaid fraud



∙ City/State Testing

∙ PTA Meetings

∙ Hearings

In order to ensure high quality interpretation, Languages R Us provides coordination between the client and the interpreter as necessary; the client should be prepared to provide background information pertaining to the interpretation assignment.  The following factors should be considered during this process: the setting, venue, language needs, technological needs and the availability of preparatory documents (ie. Glossaries) and materials. 

In order to provide accurate interpretation special dialects may be relevant, and are taken into consideration when scheduling interpreters for assignments. 


Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the most frequently requested, and common in Special Investigations Unit (SIU), medical and legal settings.  Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for investigative interviews, court proceedings and small group formats.  The consecutive mode  gives participants the opportunity to focus on the language they understand making communication more efficient.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation requires the interpreter to listen, analyze, comprehend, convert, edit, and reproduce in real time from the source language to the target language while a speaker continues to speak in a specific, uninterrupted social context.  The interpretation may be from one language into another only (unidirectional) or back and forth between languages (bi-directional).